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Těsnění Nývlt

Company Těsnění Nývlt is since 1990 engaged in the manufacture and distribution of flat die-cut sealing and all products from formative technical rubber. Area of our operation is very broad and covers a wide range of branches from water distribution, gas and heating products to the household utensils, gardening, irrigation and industry.

For fabrication we use solely sealing materials without asbestos calledTEMAC and KLINGERSIL. We also use rubber, microporous rubber, fibre, new-plastic, silicone, teflon, poreten, styropor, sealing paper, technical felt, cork and others according to wishes and needs of our customers. At the same time we supply aluminum and copper sealing rings.

We despose of punching presses of various types and die cut tools of various shapes and sizes. According to customer´s needs we are able to respond to your requests and within a very short time manufacture the forms and tools on the basis of material and technical documentation, and then deliver products from one piece to thousands of pieces.

Our primary objective is always to comply and flexibly respond to the market requirements. Therefore we started to focus on the production of taps, water distribution elements, waste seal-pipes, corner valves and components for sealing threaded joints. Simultaneously we have also expanded the garden and irrigation program.

We believe that you will allways choose from our wide offer and will be satisfied with the quality of our products, short delivery time and solid conduct.

Best wishes on behalf of all the staff, Josef Nývlt, Josef Nývlt jr.



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